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At A&M Investments, we’re doing our part to revitalize communities throughout the state and invest in the future of West Virginia.

West Virginia is home to a lot of great communities and those communities are home to a lot of amazing people who believe in the same future we do.

We’ve had the pleasure to talk to some of these amazing West Virginians about their state and the lives they’ve made here – our friends and neighbors who are ready to tell the world what makes where they live in West Virginia wild and wonderful.

Like Sandy Call

She’s a giver, in every sense of the word. The driving force in her life is to make the world a better place. In her own words, “I wake up every day to make a difference in whatever I may do with my day. Whether I serve you lunch at the Bistro or volunteer to serve food at Christ Church.”

Considering relocating to Saint Albans, West Virginia? Meet your neighbor.

Q: Tell me, what is your name, occupation, company and where you work?

A: My name is Sandy Call. I am the GM/Operator at the Bridge Road Bistro in South Hills. I also dabble in real estate on the side with the Kanawha County Realtors Association. I also started a health and wellness business. So I have three careers that I’m juggling.

Q: So the Bridge Road Bistro is in South Hills…where do you operate the other two?

A: Yes, the Bistro is in South Hills and the real estate is in Kanawha County.

Q: So what is it exactly that you do and what is your mission statement for your life?

A: That’s very easy for me. I want to impact as many people as I possibly can with the limited time that I have here on Earth. I want to touch as many people as I can in a positive way; whether it be direct or indirect; whether they know about it or they know my name, it doesn’t even matter…

Q: What about the location that you’ve chosen to work and live has helped you accomplish that mission?

A: That’s pretty easy. Since I graduated high school, I went to college here locally. I went to Marshall and then I went to Institute here locally. That happened back in the ‘90’s – I had almost 500 people in my graduating class and I would say 80% left the state to go to school…that was a pivotal point for me when I realized some of us need to stay here, there’s stuff going on and we all can’t just jump off the ship.

This is where my roots are, my family and my friends, so it only made sense for me to stay and do what I could for the local community and my neighbors and my loved ones.

I have worked for Corporate America for over 20 years – opened up over 100 Outbacks across the U.S. I traveled for free with other companies as well but chose to land and make a nest here in Saint Albans, West Virginia. Now I can make a direct impact in small town West Virginia.

Q: If someone doesn’t have those roots were thinking of moving to Saint Albans, what would you tell them about the area that would entice them to move to your neighborhood?

A: The very blessed thing we have about this area is that we are still in a bubble where the rest of the world hasn’t tapped into us yet and I think that’s a beacon of sunshine everyday. You know, because, we don’t have the high crime or the devastation that these big cities have…

Especially in my town, I may be a little biased though, we’re like Mayberry. And that’s where I want to live my life. It’s safe, it’s secure, especially being an independent woman. I’ve never been married, I don’t have children, I don’t have that family atmosphere but I want to be around that – even though I don’t have it, I want to be around it.

So being in Saint Albans [and the Charleston area] I think we’re really blessed to have the communities that we do because we all strive harder to come together – and you don’t have that in the big cities…You have a lot of strong, strong people who support each other in this area and you don’t have that in other areas.

Q: What one thing do you wish everyone knew about Saint Albans, West Virginia? What’s the hidden treasure of where you live?

A: I think it’s the comfort of being able to live a good life. Our cost of living is incredible compared to the rest of the United States…if you stay here and move forward with everybody else and try to build the community rather than leaving it, you can make a really good living here…and a really good life.

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