Meet Justin Waybright : Cross Lanes, West Virginia

At A&M Investments, we’re doing our part to revitalize communities throughout the state and invest in the future of West Virginia.

West Virginia is home to a lot of great communities and those communities are home to a lot of amazing people who believe in the same future we do.

We’ve had the pleasure to talk to some of these amazing West Virginians about their state and the lives they’ve made here – our friends and neighbors who are ready to tell the world what makes where they live in West Virginia wild and wonderful.

Like Justin Waybright

Two minutes around Justin and you already feel like a friend. Justin loves it here and you can tell. He exudes everything we love about the Mountain State. He’s the kind of guy that you leave feeling better than when you came, kinda like how we feel about living in West Virginia.

Considering relocating to Cross Lanes, West Virginia? Meet your neighbor.

Q: So tell us your name, your company name, where you’re headquartered and where you live.

A: My name is Justin Waybright. I live in Cross Lanes, West Virginia. I’m a photographer and own Waybright Photography.

Q: Your business operates all over, right?

A: Yeah, we’re based out of Cross Lanes but I pretty much serve the entire Tri-State area.

Q: What would you say is your company and/or life mission statement?

A: I would say it would be to be a blessing to everyone I come in contact with…that is my life statement and if I can use the way that I make a living to bless people than I want to do that. I want people to experience love and humility and all those good things through the service I provide.

Q: So, what about the location you’ve chosen to live and work helps you accomplish that mission?

A: Location is super important and West Virginia as a whole – we chose Cross Lanes because it’s centrally located between Charleston and Huntington, our two biggest cities, so that was super important. But what’s kept me here is West Virginians.

There’s a lot of stereotypes that we’re uneducated, redneck backwoods people – you hear comedians say it all the time, tv shows, movies – they all rag on us. We’re even in the news about how bad our economy is…but all of those things I refute after living here. The beauty of West Virginians, their personalities, is what kept me here, what drew me here, what will keep me here until the day I die, Lord willing.

Southern hospitality, normally you have to go to rural South Carolina to get that but I can get it right out my backdoor – at a random gas station, restaurant, diner – it’s pretty awesome.

Q: So, Cross Lanes, and all of the things people think of when they think of Cross Lanes – what would you say to someone thinking about relocating to this area?

A: What’s cool about Cross Lanes is that you kind of get a little bit of everything, as far as West Virginia is concerned. You get a little bit of Huntington, a little bit of Charleston, a little bit of country, a little bit of urban – you get all of that in one big melting pot. That’s how I see Cross Lanes – the melting pot of West Virginia – it’s nice and diverse.

There is traffic here but if you think traffic is bad here try Myrtle Beach, try New York City; it’s nothing. There’s quite a few restaurants here and there’s even new businesses coming in. It has a lot of potential. It has like 20 churches here, maybe more. So it’s definitely an up-and-coming city and I see nothing but potential for it.

That’s what I love about Cross Lanes.

Q: Is there anything else that you’ve thought of that you’d like to add about Cross Lanes that you want people to know?

A: I was thinking earlier and Saint Albans, Nitro, Poca, Teays Valley, Hurricane, Cross Lanes, Charleston, Huntington, Milton, Culloden – all these places are great places to raise a family. I see nothing negative about West Virginia or any of its cities. I’ve served just about every county and I’ve seen a lot of cities and towns throughout the state and I think the economy is on the upswing, I think we’re doing really well.

Cross Lanes, West Virginia, to me, is just an awesome place. I think all of these cities would be a great place to raise a family and build a life.



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  1. Love Justin Waybright. Met him and his family at church. Beautiful wife, lovely children… and what a spirit. He is a blessing. I used his services when i was recording a live CD. He blessed me beyond measure. I whole heartedly recommend him. He has an”eye” when it comes to getting just the right picture.

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